Here at Fruzio, we believe the best way to look after yourself is from the inside out. That starts by fuelling the body with the right foods that leave you feeling good about your choices. Packed full of everything you need, our fruits will have you brimming with energy and with a mindset to take on this busy world.

Fruzio Fruit Range

No matter your mood we have got the berry to brighten up your day. From sweet and refreshing Blueberries to velvety Mangos, our frozen fruits make the ultimate companion for any eating occasion.

Fruzio Smoothie Range

We've done the hard work to give you the tastiest mixes round. Our delicious and nutritious smoothie mixes and berry blends have been designed to excite your tastebuds. From a sweet berry medley to a refreshing tropical blast, these combinations will have the whole family asking for more.

Fruzio Speciality Range

Taking the fuss out of cooking. Creamy avocados perfect for your favourite gauc recipe and diced spinach ready to add some extra nutrients to any meal.

Fruzio Stockists

Our fruit is readily available at all PAKā€™nSAVE and New World stores, some Four Square stores and independent retail outlets.

Help us keep New Zealand
green and clean!

Did you know you can recycle Fruzio bags at your local supermarket store? Simply make sure the bags are empty and dry and drop them into the Love NZ Soft Plastics Recycling bins at selected supermarket and retail premises.